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Sales Agreement

This agreement is made this day _____________ of __________ in the year 2022, between  (Seller) and _______________________(Buyer)

Section 1: Description of the Animal


Litter ID:



Section 2: Terms of Sale

The above dog is being sold as a Pet Animal for the sum of $_______ ( please confirm cost with breeder), plus HST. Deposit of $350.00 must be paid to hold the puppy and is non-refundable.

This agreement remains in effect for the life of the dog. It is our goal to protect the puppy, Seller and ensure Buyer feel confident about the purchase.

This puppy is being sold with no known defect, unless listed above. The puppy is in good health and has been immunized and de-wormed, and health record will be provided to the Buyer. The puppy was examined by our vet and was deemed healthy on the date listed above. Between 7 and 8 weeks puppies will receive vaccines; however, pups will require additional shots as they age. Small traces of intestinal worms may be found in some puppies, even after de-worming. Giardia/Coccidia are NOT major, and can easily be care of with medication.  Litters are always tested for Giardia. No money or puppy substitution will be given in this case. Puppies have been dewormed four (4) times total by Strongid T, Safe- Guard, and Interceptor. Puppies are screened for heart murmurs and all findings will be reported to the Buyer. A grade 1 will receive $50 off and a Grade 2 will receive $100 off if still detectable at 12 weeks of age.

The Seller is not responsible for puppies/dogs infected with Canine Parvo Virus or any kind of bacteria/virus after 48 hours of purchase. Until fully immunized, the new owner and puppy should not go to locations where other dogs have been, including fence to fence situations, since some bacteria/viruses are passed through fecal and/or saliva. DO NOT bring your puppy back to our property as it can affect our other puppies. If you believe your puppy was taken home with an illness, written documentation from two (2) unassociated veterinarians must be provided that agrees with this theory. In this case, the Seller will pay for medical bills up to the cost of the dog. Any medical treatment must be preapproved in order to receive compensation. Medical bills must be invoiced to Kettlecreek Sheepadoodles. The Seller has the right to request ownership of the puppy if the illness is considered serious or life threatening. This will help us determine the cause and work with our vet to avoid in the future. Buyer will receive the cost of the puppy back.

 All our adults have been tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Each individual breed does carry other disease genes, however since they are not recessive, we did not test for them. The following dogs have been cleared of DM: Aurora, Daniel, Ruby, Jessie and Raven If the puppy is tested positive for DM, NEWS, Von Willebrand Disease 1, Exercise- Induced Collapse or Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, then the puppy can be exchanged for another of the Buyer’s choice, when available. The Buyer must provide document of the findings before the puppy’s first birthday in order to receive an exchange. No other health testing has been completed. We are happy to share this decision with you, just ask!

All health guarantees are void if the puppy is transferred to another owner without permission, is not spay/neutered by 18 months, improper care is provided by the owner, including an unhealthy environment. Additionally, bad training methods and lack of quality food is not the responsibility of the Seller. We recommend feeding a high quality food, fenced yard, daily exercise and love! It is required to maintain immunizations suggested by your veterinarian. We highly suggest feeding TLC, which is ordered only online, for the entire life of the puppy.

As a Buyer, you agree to never put one of our puppies/dogs into a shelter or give it away for free. In the event the Buyer can no longer care for the puppy/dog, Buyer agrees to return the puppy to Seller. The amount of reimbursement will be determined at the time, however most cases will receive full minus non-refundable deposit. Transportation is the reasonability of the Buyer. We reserve the right to refuse the puppy/dog if we are not able to accommodate at the time or the puppy/dog's health will cause damage to our program. The puppy/dog may not transfer ownership without written consent. If permission is granted, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to assign the terms and condition of this contract to the new owner. We are here to help if you need to rehome your puppy. Please contact us in this case.

Our puppies have been raised with the Puppy Culture Program which is a 12 week program that shapes your puppy by using early neurological stimulation. You may choose to continue this program by purchasing the materials from We value this program as it enriches the puppies in unspeakable ways! The time and resources that go towards their well-being is super important to us!

We cannot guarantee the size of the puppy, allergy-free, eye color, or coat color as the puppy grows into an adult. We do not dock tails or remove dew claws. This dog is being sold as a Pet. The dog must be spayed/neutered by one (1) year and may not be used for ANY breeding purpose. If the “Pet” is bred, buyer agrees to pay a penalty of $5,000 and relinquish said dog along with any remaining puppies. Proof of spay/neuter must be provided by 18 months.

Deposits and final payment will be made in cash or E Transfer. Deposits are non-refundable, but transferable to another litter. A $10 a day fee will apply when puppies are not picked up on the assigned date. After seven (7) days the puppy will become available to another family.

The Buyer has read and understands the recommended reading materials listed on Kettlecreek Sheepadoodles website. The Buyer has been informed of issues such as Parvo virus, training, hyperglogma, grooming requirements, etc. The Buyer acknowledges the time and financial commitment that goes along with having a puppy. It is recommended to remain on TLC food for at least 1 month after moving to the new home. Transition new food over a course of 7 days minimum. Puppies often show signs of illness during this transition period. Some heartworm medicines does contain Ivermectin, a drug that can cause death in herding dogs such as Aussies and Sheepdogs. Always read the label when administrating drugs to your pet. The Seller is NOT a veterinarian and information provided to Buyer is based on personal knowledge, experience and research. Please seek professional advice as required.

The Seller has/will provide the Buyer with a puppy package, online resources on training, health, required supplies, grooming requirements and veterinarian documents. The Buyer has/will receive documents to activate six (6) weeks of free pet insurance through Petsecure. All insurance questions and claims are to be submitted to the company. The Seller recommends continuing the insurance for the life of the pet. This will be at the Buyer's expense. Your full information will be provided to Petsecure and TLC Petfood in order to gain the benefits of these programs.

It is our goal to provide healthy puppies with amazing temperaments to forever families. We wish your family many days of happiness with your new addition.

Both the Seller and Buyer have read, understand, and agree to abide by this Agreement.

Seller: ________

Sign: _______________



Sign: _______________

Date: _______________


On this _________ day of ____________, 2022 Seller received an amount of $ 350, as a non-refundable deposit.The deposit will hold the puppy until eight (8) weeks and until the veterinarian checkup is complete. The remaining balance is due at pickup. The Seller provided a copy of the Sales Agreement to the Buyer. The Buyer agrees to all terms.

Seller: __________

Sign: _______________


** This document may be updated at anytime *